Welcome Sanj!

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome our new Purchasing manager, Sanj Devaraj to the company today. We’ve done a bit of a Q&A with him so you can get to know him too!

Age, Rank & Serial No…?

I’m 36, but I keep getting asked for ID when I buy beer, which should make my job “interesting”! 

What got you into the beer business? I loved beer but hated paying for it so I thought working for a brewery would be the best solution. Also as I spent a lot of time in pubs and bars it made “career” sense.

If you could take a beer, a book and a hot date onto a desert island, who and what would you take?

So I would have to say take my lovely wife or Helena Christensen if my wife was busy. For a beer, my date would be drinking Snake Venom (67.5%) and I would be on the Becks Blue. When she recovered from her hangover I would present her with the book “Desert Island Dishes” by The Maldon Salt Company to read.

Since you may need a divorce lawyer after this, what are your plans for making your first million?

As I soon will be divorced my options are limited to Miss Christensen’s slave  or suing BBC presenters from the 70’s.

Great! We look forward to seeing you on the tellybox and splashed all over the tabloids soon then!



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