Utobeer Press Release 1


Utobeer is pleased to announce it has divested its wholesale business to James Clay.

The staff will be retained and with the experience and reach of James Clay there will now be a stronger support structure in place for customers, as well as an enhanced portfolio of world-class beers.

The unique suppliers that Utobeer is grateful to have worked with over the years will also stay with the business and both Mike and Richard would like to express their thanks to everyone who has worked in partnership with them over the last 15 years.

Mike and Richard will retain their direct relationship with a number of suppliers, and look forward to those who will join, as the separate businesses of Utobeer (Retail) move forward.

The deal will also allow the pair to focus on the retail arm of the business and new projects.

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One thought on “Utobeer Press Release

  • Tony

    Congratulations! There is no progress without change, and this change is good for beer and it’s drinkers. Thank you for the outstanding support you have provided to the community of craft brewers and drinkers since back in the day.