toccalmatoAfternoon all…

We’re rather excited to announce that The Rake is the first bar in London to receive delivery of two kegs from Toccalmatto of Italy. These are…

Big Lager – 6.6% Imperial Pils brewed with Citra, Nelson and Stella. This is a collaboration brew with Swedish All In Brewing.

Supernova Suicide – 4.5% Belgian-style Saison, dry hopped with Stella and Summer with stunning white melon fruity notes and great drinkability.

We’ll be putting these on the bar from 3pm tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow. Do whatever you have to do to get some of this before it runs out – leave work early, tell your spouse you’re going to squash practice, return some videotapes…

…really, now. You don’t want to miss them!

See you tomorrow at 3pm!

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