The Rake – Fired Into Orbit!


Relax, we’re not being jettisoned into space – we’ve got a thoroughly exciting night with Orbit Beers lined up for next Wednesday 22nd from 5pm!

Orbit are based in Walworth, just south of Elephant & Castle. The head brewer will be in attendance, and we’re extra special excited about this, seeing as it’s none other than our old pal Mario Canestrelli, who previously worked with us at The Rake. Rumour has it that Mario is influenced by the natural, unfiltered sound you get from vinyl records, so that’s pretty much what to expect from his beer – natural, authentic and unfiltered.

We’ll have 4 keg beers available, and these are they:

  • Ivo, a 5.3% Pale Ale
  • Nico, a 4.8% Kolsch style
  • Neu, a 4.7% Altbier
  • …and Ari, a 4.8% beer with spalt select hops – German Pale Ale.

We can’t wait to try the beer and catch up with Mario – join us next Wednesday for the fun!


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