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You’ve probably seen the some of the comments online regarding the issue with the Cloudwater DIPA, Citra & Amarillo that we had on the bar yesterday, with various people accusing us of making vast profits, dragging the industry’s name through the mud and gouging our customers we wanted to reply calmly and candidly instead of getting into an argument on Twitter or Facebook.

There are some points we’d like to make.

1) We are not making ‘vast profits’ we work to a margin like all businesses and if we stopped we’d start losing money and eventually go out of business.

2) Cloudwater will not deliver directly to us unless we order a pallet from them & if you know The Rake you’ll also know we do not have the space to store a pallet; so this being the case we have to order through a distributor who will obviously put their margin on it.

3) Whilst we always endeavour to keep the prices as keen as possible the DIPA being a 9% beer is never doing to be a cheap. Being charged £130+ for a 20L keg by the distributor we’re always going to struggle to keep the price down but we love Cloudwater beers, most of you know they are some of the best in the country right now and we want to showcase them and spread the love.

4) Hopefully the good folks at Cloudwater are aware of the prices their distributors are charging but for the record we are also looking into other options for delivery to try and minimise the cost so that everyone can continue to enjoy some of the best beers the UK has to offer.

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