Due to the events of Saturday night and the subsequent police investigation, Borough Market remains closed again today and that means also that The Rake and the Utobeer shop remain closed too. We will of course let you know when we are open again so that we can all raise a glass […]

Statement From Utobeer.

Here at Tap East we’re always keen to brew with our heroes (who isn’t?!) so when Mitch Steele, former brewmaster at Stone Brewing in San Diego, now at New Realm brewing in Atlanta, contacted a friend of ours to get together for beers, the mutual friend suggested a collaboration with […]

New Realm Collaboration

We Are currently looking for a full time member of staff at the Rake Bar in Borough Market SE1. You must: have proof of right to work in the UK have a UK bank account in your own name be able to converse in English be Customer focused Be friendly, […]


Mike, Rich and the whole of Utobeer want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who attended  Glenn’s memorial drinks on Sunday. An event that Glenn himself would have absolutely loved. It was great to see so many faces together for the memory of a great man and it […]

In Memory of Glenn

Glenn Payne 2
Sunday 13 December at The Rake from 2pm – 6pm or whenever. We all know the Glenn was a great one for bringing in a beer and tasting it with whoever was around, you did not even have to know him to get a try. He would be the first […]

A Bottled Shared for Glenn Payne

  The Lodger – GLENN PAYNE As many of you know Richard and I are not ones for social media, but Glenn deserves us getting over this phobia, we may even get to like it… The Lodger (as some referred to him when he stayed with us in Rotherhithe over […]

Glenn Payne

Here at Tap East we’re not just beer lovers, we’re music lovers too. That is why from now on every Wednesday we will be celebrating the LP in all it’s varied forms. We will be asking you, the Tap East customer, to pick out your favourite albums and tell us […]

Long Playing Wednesdays

New years resolutions, who keeps em eh? However, if you’ve resolved to expand your beery palate this year, we’re going to make it easy for you! Look out on our twitter (@rakebar) and Facebook (The Rake) feeds this week, where we’ll be announcing a new #tryanuary beer offer every day, […]

Come and cebrate #tryanuary with us!

Next Wednesday from 5pm, we’re hosting a Tap Takeover from one of California’s finest… Anchor Brewing Co.! We’ll have ten delicious draught beers to tantalise your palates, here’s the full lineup. Anchor Porter Anchor Saison Anchor Summer Anchor Liberty Anchor Steam Anchor California Lager Anchor Old Foghorn Anchor Winter Wheat […]

Drop The Anchor – 07/01/2015