One new hop, two new beers

On Thursday 26th September Tap East will be launching two new very special beers. Both are brewed with Vic Secret, an Australian hop variety that has been harvested commercially for the first time this year. ┬áThe first Tap East beer using this new hop variety is a single hop IPA. Three additions of Vic Secret were made to this brew, two in the copper and one in the fermenter, giving the beer a rich tropical fruit aroma. The second is a Saison, a farmhouse style ale hopped with German Cascade during the boil, then dry hopped with Vic Secret in the cask. Both of these new beers will be available from 5pm on the Thursday evening. You may also spot the Vic Secret IPA in other locations around London, but the Saison is a Tap East exclusive, and can only be drunk at our brewery tap. So make sure you don’t miss it!


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