The O-Show!

Right on the heels of Hardknott night comes our next event at The Rake! This time Nick Otley is bringing his award winning ales to London for a whole week of Welsh Beery Pleasure!

The Line up will include the collaboration with Lovebeer’s Melissa Cole, Thai-bO, the second incarnation of mOtley brew, one of my personal favourites the Columb-O, a NEW weizzen, O7, O1 the classic award winning golden ale, 11O38 which came down for the Welsh Beer Festival here, The Newly Crowned Champion Beer of Wales, O-Garden, the OG, O2, bOss and O5 Golden!

Quite a line up. They won’t be all on at once so have a look what we have on the pumps or in the cellar and enjoy!

Returning to The Rake : mOtley brew!

This will all follow two Lovebeer Meet the Brewer events on Saturday 10th July, one is at 1pm and the other at 3.30pm, tickets are just £15 each and selling quickly now as the excitement grows so get in there quickly and get yours. You can get them at The Rake bhy asking at the bar or by calling the lovely Denise in the Utobeer office on 020 7378 9461!

see you here!

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