Meet Five Points Brewing!


Here’s an update to let you all that we will be hosting a Meet The Brewer event here at The Rake on Wednesday 19th February with Five Points Brewing!

Pale, Hook Island Red and Derailed Porter (Railway Porter with added Brettanomyces) will be on the bar, possibly in both cask and keg in the case of the Pale and the Hook Island for cask/keg comparison purposes. There are rumours of an as yet unnamed IPA being present also, but that is very much TBC. We’ll keep you posted.

The team from Five Points will be around from around 7pm for informal chats and samples of the Pale, but we’ll have the beer on the bar from around 5pm, so feel free to grab a space (and a beer or two) from then!

See you on the 19th!

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