It Ain’Cho Mum’s…

Afternoon all,

A quick note to let you know we’ll have a keg of Brüpond Ain’Cho Mum’s Porter on the bar from 5pm tomorrow – it’s infused with Ancho Chillies and is rather dark, roasty and chocolatey, so perfect to warm you up in all this cold snowy stuff…

Brüpond  are a relatively new brewery in what has become the craft brewing hotbed of East London, and it’s the first time we’ve had them at The Rake, so we’re quite excited. If you’re not yet familiar with them, their website can be found here:aincho

It is just the one keg, mind, and the London Brewer’s Alliance are rumoured to be out in force tomorrow, so make sure you get down and grab yourself a pint before all those thirsty brewers drink it all!

See you then!

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