Having a Blast!

…..and a Brown and a Sorachi Ace!

Yes folks, this coming Sunday, 6th May from 12 noon. The Rake will be doing 3 one-off special beers from the world renowned Brooklyn Brewery! Even more special is that two of them are cask conditioned!

The two cask beers are :

Brown Ale, a 5.6% Brown Ale, made with UK, US and Belgian Malts & Wilamette, American Fuggle and Cascade hops.

Blast!, a 9% Double IPA that’s made using a combination of nine different hops from America and English hops. Warning, this IPA is nearly as big as the Signature that Garrett left on our Wall a few weeks ago!

The keg beer is Sorachi Ace, a 7.6% single hop farmhouse Saison made with two row German pilsener Malt and Oregon grown Sorachi Ace hops.

Remember, we open at 12 noon and the beers will be on until then, it’s first come first serve and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

See you Sunday


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