Getting Fresh!

So if you’re a bit geeky about your beer like we are, you might have noticed that there’s lots of green (or fresh) hop beers coming out at the moment.


Guess what? We’re doing the same!

Our Brewer, Jim will be picking the hops vines in his garden on Friday morning and then we’re(Jim and Glyn) going to brew with them the very same day!

Having already had a sniff of one of these delightful hop cones, I’m now pretty excited to be brewing with them.

We have yet to pick a name for the beer but since Fresh Hop beers are meant to be drunk as fresh as possible we’ll be launching it on Friday 28th September.

Names ideas will be considered so if you have ideas then let us know.

More info will come out as I know more but, we’ll most likely be live blogging it too so keep an eye out on Friday!

hasta luego



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