Brains Craft Brewery Tap Takeover


Newsflash! There’s been a hell of a lot of good stuff coming out of Brains Craft Brewery since it began, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be getting taken over by them on Wednesday 5th February!

The offerings will be as follows:

On cask:

  • Boilermaker – Welsh Whiskey IPA
  • Simply Red – Red Ale
  • Shining Tsar – Imperial Stout

On keg:

  • Rye Catcher – American Rye Beer, brewed with Glenn Payne and winner of the Continental Beer Challenge
  • Atlantic White – American hopped Belgian-style witbier
  • Barry Island IPA – American-style IPA
  • Farmer Walloon – Farmhouse Saison
  • The Big Smoke – Smoked Pale Ale
  • NZ Pale – NZ hopped Pale Ale (brand new, to be launched here)
  • Golden Ale (brand new, to be launched here)

A pretty awesome spread and varied line-up of styles, we think – definitely one to be looking forward to!

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