A Bottled Shared for Glenn Payne

Glenn Payne 2

Sunday 13 December at The Rake from 2pm – 6pm or whenever.

We all know the Glenn was a great one for bringing in a beer and tasting it with whoever was around, you did not even have to know him to get a try. He would be the first to admit not every beer was great but a huge number were exceptional.

So, with this in mind, we thought it might be nice if anyone coming down on Sunday who had a bottled beer that they would like to have shared with Glenn that they bring it on down to share with his many friends.

If you have drunk all your bottles that would be in that category then do not worry we will have draught available, which we hope to be a selection of beers we know that Glenn enjoyed –a work in progress.

Those needing food, Borough Market is open on Sunday from 1000-1600. There will be space in the fridge for chilling beers but it would help if the bottle could be pre-chilled .

All friends of Glenn are welcome to come down and share their stories and drink some of the beers that Glenn helped introduce to us all!

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