A.B.D. D.A.B B.A.D. Dog Launch

3 Wise Monkeys? 3 Amigos? 3 sheets to the wind? oh and Martin

Well, it’s becoming one of those weeks again. You may have seen the BrewDog blog a while back and noticed that flowery beer wordsmiths Zak Avery, Pete Brown and Mark Dredge went up to Fraserbrough in Aberdeenshire and brewed with the anarchic pups up there.

They’ve managed to brew an Imperial Pilsner continuously hopped with shedloads of Saaz which is going to be simultaneously launched in three of Britains best craft beer bars at once. Each site has one 30 litre keykeg and I reckon we should take bets on who runs out first!  For more info on the brew day take a look at the BrewDog blog

The three sites involved are North Bar in Leeds, The Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington and of course The Rake!

The three aforementioned flowery beer writers will be in house to take our unasumming and yet discerning customers through what is bound to be a beast of a beer!

So Zak will be at North Bar, Pete at the Jolly Butchers and we have the pleasure of Mark Dredge’s company. As per usual it’s all a bit chaotic but I’m certain the night will be a huge success for everyone involved.

So, if you want to come along it all kicks off at 7.30pm THIS THURSDAY 31st March.

Hope to see you here! Don’t Bogart the milk thistle!


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