6th Annual Welsh Beer Festival and Celt Meet The Brewer!

Afternoon folks, St David’s day is rapidly approaching us, which can only mean one thing… Welsh Beer Festival time!. We’ve sent our lackeys over to the land of the Dragon to bring you wonderful people the cream of the crop of Welsh beers.

From the 27th of February until the 2nd of March, we’ll have over 40 different beers to try, both on Cask and Keg in the main bar and on our festival bar outside.

So, what do we have lined up? Aside from the usual flood of Welsh beer, our good friend Tom Newman from The Celt Experience is here for a meet the brewer session on Friday  at 7pm with a brand new beer launch… We won’t spoil the surprise but things may get a little… Fuzzy.

Brains Craft Brewery – Bragging Rights, Rye Catcher.

Brecon Brewery – Brewhouse Gold, Chocwork Orange, Copper Beacons, Daffodil.

The Celt Experience – Apparition IPA, Brigid Fire, Fuzzy, Golden, La Tene, Scarred Belgian, Silures, St. Ceciliac.

Conwy – Scrum Down, Welsh Pride.

Gower – Gold, Gower Power.

Great Orme – Celtica, Welsh Black.

HopCraft– Monkey Business, Simcoe Plus, Sucker Punch, The Beast.

Nant – Chwaden Aur, Mwnci Nel.

Otley – 04 Columb-O, 06 Porter, 07 Weisse, 11 Motley Brew, Croes-O.

Purple Moose – Calon Lân, Dark Side Of The Moose, Snowdonia.

Tiny Rebel – Cwtch, Dirty Stop Out, FUBAR, Hadouken, Urban IPA.

Vale of Glamorgan – Cwrw Dewi, Light Headed.

The Waen Brewery – Blackberry Stout, Chilli Plum Porter, Gravity One.

We’ll also have a few things going on at Utobeer, bottles for sale from Brecon, Great Orme, Otley and Tiny Rebel and a Welsh beer and Food tasting on Saturday. For more details, shoot them an email at thecage@utobeer.co.uk

So, there we have it. Plenty of festival favourites and some new ticks for those that way inclined.

See you over the weekend folks!

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