1001 vs Vitesse: PHOTOBOMB!

A big thank you to Dave Bailey of Hardknott and Adrian Tierney-Jones, author of ‘1001 Beers To Try Before You Die’ for coming down to The Rake last night to talk about beer from the book and how they stack up to some of Dave’s own. A pretty good debate got going about craft beer in general, ‘craft beer’ itself as a term being bandied about, Delia Smith being compared to Greene King IPA – in a nutshell, some great beer and great chat.

Below are a selection of photos we took from the night – snaps of happy punters and of Dave and Adrian holding their debate. Even the Ghostbusters turned up (well, one of them at least – see if you can spot him in one of the pictures!)

Copies of ‘1001 Beers To Try Before You Die’ are still available from the bar at The Rake for £20.

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